Go Achievements

One thing I loved about Plants Versus Zombies is the achievement system. I think an achievement system for Go would be an awesome learning tool. For example, I could blog each achievement when I accomplish it, post the SGF, and open it up for discussion with others.

I’m not the best person to write this list, but below is a starter list of achievements that I have compiled. I would love to collaborate on this list with other players, both weaker and stronger.

All achievements must occur within one of your games
. Document in an SGF

  • Simultaneously atari and threaten a cut (so you get to either capture a stone or break the connection)
  • Simultaneously atari one string and pre-atari another
  • Simultaneously threaten two different cuts (so you get to break one cut or the other)
  • Identify two of your links that share same vital point. Mend
  • Identify two opponent links that share same vital point (GGPB v2 #85). Exploit
  • Successfully use monkey jump to destroy opponent territory
  • Recognize and opportunity for snapback and execute it
  • Create opportunity for snapback
  • Recognize and use opportunity for double atari
  • Create opportunity for double atari
  • Make an either-or connection (miai) that is not a diagonal connection
  • Kill a group by starting a ko fight
  • Live by starting a ko fight
  • Successfully use double hane (Contact Fights Pg ___, he calls it “two step block”)
  • Sacrifice a stone by hane-first, extend-second (Contact Fights pg. 567)
  • Play a game in which you never have more than one weak group at a time.
  • Notice this pattern: attach – hane – extend – defend
  • notice two weaknesses in a small area that are ok separately, but together allow capture. (a) your weakness: fix it! (b) opponent’s weakness: capture. (c) consolation prize if you notice this after you’ve been caught in the trap.
  • buy an extra move by sacrificing a stone

Attach Hane Extend Defend

Do while it works:

Have you noticed this pattern? It points out that after attaching, the first player generally needs to extend. After hane, the second player has a cut to protect.

One common joseki goes like this:


In this kind of sequence, the second player puts off defending her cut by playing an aggressive extension. The first player chooses to defend against this aggression rather than to cut the undefended hane.

MissClick game review

So I got a review of the game I played as MissClick yesterday. Diagnosis: I don’t know when I’m ahead so I take too many risks; I don’t know some of the standard moves.

Some of my mistakes I attribute to the pressures of real-time play. This game had 20 minutes main time + 5×45 sec byo yomi. I will set up next game with longer main time.

I’ve been mulling over the pros and cons of putting links to my games/reviews in the blog. Part of me says there is a privacy issue for my opponents. Another part says, “Hey, these are publicly available already. What’s wrong with discussing the content of a publicly available web page?” I think I’m about to tip over into putting links here.


Since most of my games are correspondence, and I want to play more real-time games, I’ve made another account for live games. The account is Miss Click on OGS.

Anyways, I lost my live game this morning and I don’t have a good insight about why. I should ask for a review.


I lost my game to my Russian opponent. He managed to capture a huge group that was bordering his center invasion. By the time I saw the threat, it was too late. I was too focused on not letting him get two eyes, and not enough focused on the security of my surrounding stones.

He showed some humanity (and English language skills) by typing something into the chat window.

Oh well. He is now ranked 4 stones higher than me. I have to get better!

Still fighting my dead-eyed rival

DeadEye (not his real handle) has been pulling out all the stops trying to make his center invasion work. I think I can keep that from happening, but he’s making me think a lot.

I feel differently about him now. At first I wanted to beat him because I thought he was a jerk. Now he is still in my sights, but it is an affectionate sort of laser boresight, if that even parses. He is currently showing as 3 stones stronger than me. I’ll be happy to beat him, even with a handicap.

The game of the disliked opponent

My “disliked opponent” is the perfect villain. His flag is Russian; his photo shows prominent brow ridges and a dead-eyed expression; he never replies to a chat message.

The correspondence game that I wrote about before is ongoing. I had a big lead, but he has an invasion going that may be successful. He’s 3 ranks stronger than me, and this is a 3 stone handicap game.

My mission is to get stronger than my dead-eyed Russian friend.