Niehaus “Basic Jazz Conception” Exercise #3 – A Fussy Question

Please consider the following figures (easier to look up on book, but I’ll try to describe…)

Each consists of 4 consecutive 8th notes starting on beat one. The markings go like this:

(1) Staff 1, Msr 1. Tenuto, tenuto, tenuto, hat. All four on the same note (2) Staff 7, Msr 2. Tenuto, slur start, slur end, hat. Four different notes (3) Staff 8, Msr 2. Tenuto, tenuto, tenuto, hat. First two notes are same.

I figure the intent is pretty much to play these all the same, except the second and third repeated notes in (1) can’t be slurred. But I see that (3) could actually have been notated the same as (2). So why are they notated differently?

As I write this, I think I see the answer. (3) appears in sequence with a group of (1)’s. So parallelism would suggest using the same articulation.

The demonstration CD seems to agree with me, though I’m not so sure the player on that is necessarily channeling Mr. Niehaus.

My current teacher opines that (1) should be a crescendo to a stacatto 8th note. Former teacher would probably agree about the crescendo (PLUS the normal swing accents), but she always told me that “hatted 8th note followed by rest” is same as “hatted quarter note” in big-bandish charts.

It probably doesn’t matter so much now anyway. I don’t have the facility to pull off a crescendo in such a short time right now. I guess I’ll just post this so I can come back to it later, if need be.

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