Practicing Better – Recording with JamMan versus using Delay

As I’ve mentioned before, the JamMan pedal makes recording and getting feedback a quick and painless operation.

But my progress through BABY METHOD BOOK NUMBER 0.001 has been glacially slow, and I started saving the JamMan evaluations for AFTER my lessons covered the same material. Pro: after the lesson I have some feedback from my teacher and know more about what to improve. Con: possibly too much practicing without immediate feedback.

A nagging feeling has grown that my practice is not that effective. One problem with playing the saxophone is that I can’t always hear flams and inconsistencies between notes while I’m playing.  I can’t hear what my accents, accidental or deliberate, sound like.  I really need that feedback.

But for Jazz Phrasing, I’ve been using delay rather than a proper recording in my practice. I play short phrases with metronome, get immediate feedback, make an immediate attempt to improve, get immediate feedback, attempt to improve or narrow focus, get immediate feedback …. etcetera. Result: better results. It seems like a minor distinction between the recorder (JamMan) and the delay (JamMan Delay can do this, too, and better), but it makes a difference.

For anyone considering a pedal for practice purposes, I suggest the JamMan Delay. You’ll get the functionality of both the delay pedal (instant but ephemeral feedback), and the JamMan (recordings you can keep, play along with, listen to multiple times).  Then you won’t have to make a spreadsheet to help you synchronize your metronome and delay pedal. You won’t have to hang multiple pages of DELAY versus BEATS versus TEMPO on the wall in your practice room. You won’t have to explain it to anybody.

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