EarMaster Chord Discrimination – m7, 7, and m7b5 (DeepRoot_2.ear)

My last score for piano voice on DeepRoot1 was 100% of 100 in 3:06. Add m7b5 to the mix. One problem with these open voicings is that sometimes the high notes that define one of the chord tones are inaudible to me. I’m going to keep things the same for a while (maybe I’ll be able to hear them with practice).

2012/03/20 93 of 100 (93%) in 11:44
2012/03/21 95 of 100 (95%) in 8:49
2012/03/23 94 of 100 (94%) in 8:55 OK … here’s a weak point
2012/03/26 98 of 100 (98%) in 6:46 Problem becoming clear. Sometimes the Fi in the m7b5 sounds like Le to me.
2012/03/27 95 of 100 (95%) in 7:05 Thought I was faster than before. but not
2012/03/30 97 of 100 (97%) in 8:19

Ongoing problem is that Fi sounds like Le to me. That’s not an issue in this problem set, but it suggests what DeepRoot_3 should contain. And I need to get faster!

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