Quirky websites

Every once in a while I run into a website devoted to an interest so quirky it’s fascinating:

Vintage Ceiling fans: http://ada19851985.proboards.com/thread/8937/patton-u2-1887

Shoelaces: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/

Eating carrots: http://orangeman.commo.de/

This web page has been taken down, but just for you I found it in the wayback machine:



A Double Atari Pattern in GoChild problem set

I subscribe to a great tsumego site called GoChild. The name is kind of goofy to the American ear, because it’s by a Chinese developer, but it’s a cool site for a reasonable $12 a year.

Unfortunately there’s no way that I can find to link to a specific problem. The one I want to talk about is filed under Entrance Level
Basic 900
Capture and capturing
Question #31

It’s not a hard problem, but I want to point out the pattern that this problem follows.

Black is to capture. White has two groups that have just two liberties (are in pre-atari). A black stone sits in the corner separating the two groups. Black attacks one of the groups, gaining a liberty in the process for the attacking stone which is now two stones. Then his attacking group is big enough that the white stones can be folded around it in a ladder.

Billiards: Gearing

Here’s a thing I don’t want to forget:

Outside english can counteract throw due to a thin cut. So if I’m afraid a thin cut won’t quite work, I can use outside english. This is especially a gimme if the cue ball doesn’t have to travel far and the cue ball aim line won’t be too messed up by the english effects.

As always, Dr. Dave has a great video.

“Go is not a territory destroying game”

I saw this quote somewhere recently:

“Go is not a territory destroying game.” Writer goes on to say that building territory should be the focus.

I wonder. It seems to me that after the opening, I’m either trying to consolidate the territory I’ve made, or to destroy the excess territory that my opponent managed to grab. That second category seems a lot like “territory destroying games” to me.

Trouble drawing the ball


I’ve been unable to draw the ball consistently. Here’s a few reasons, and I think they come and go for me.

  • Tip of cue stick must be coming up during the stroke. It isn’t ending up on the felt, where it should
  • Not hitting ball low enough
  • Standing up too soon, possibly to get cue stick off of table. I should stay down and lift cue up and to the left instead

Drill from SM

  • Start by hitting softest stop shot possible at one-diamond distance, hitting cue ball low and making object ball roll just inches
  • Gradually transition to draw shot, pulling ball back further and further after hitting ball

Here’s a fun pattern

The image below is from dailyjoseki.com.

(1) 4-4 point
(2) knight’s move approach

then ….

(3-5) attach hane extend
(6-9) attach hane extend defend
(10,11,13) make a base (also defend cut), make a base, make a base

(edited numbering errors in original post…)

Achievement: Threaten two loosely connected strings at once

By blocking one liberty of the D16 string, White creates a miai situation for Black. Both D16 string and F14 have just two liberties now. If Black tries to connect up the D16 string, White gets to take the F14 string. Likewise if Black tries to connect to his F14 string. B-E15 makes a more complicated fight, but I think W can get a reasonable outcome with it.